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Document:Poland Remittances 3, 1919
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Description: The Transmission Department of the JDC was established in 1915 to deliver personal remittances to those areas in Europe and Palestine where normal transmission agencies were incapable of functioning due to war conditions. Relatives from the West were able to deposit small amounts of money (typically $5 or $10, up to $100) for JDC to remit to their relatives overseas. The remittance lists include both the names and addresses of remitters and beneficiaries, prime genealogical material that cannot be found elsewhere. In the 1917-1920 period these remittances exceeded $6,966,195. The JDC Archives has indexed remittance lists to Poland (including the “Occupied Territory”), Romania, Palestine, and Russia.
Remitter Name:Sam Stein
State:New York
Country:United States
Remitter Name: Clara
State:New York
Country:United States
Beneficiary Name:Mrs. Yache Gaszansky

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