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Document:CARE Packages to DP (Displaced Persons) Camps I, 1946-1948
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Description: The Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (CARE) program was founded in 1945 by America’s 26 leading volunteer agencies, one of which was the JDC, to rush life saving CARE packages to survivors of World War II in a safe, non-profit channel. More than 100 million packages reached people in need in the 2 decades following the war. These 1946-1948 lists detail relatives from South Africa and Shanghai, China who sent packages of food or blankets to their relatives in DP camps in Europe. Detailed geographical information of both the remitter and the recipient of aid is included. When the program first began, ten dollars bought a CARE Package, with a guarantee that the recipient would receive it within four months.
Remitter Name:L. Elenzek
Country:South Africa
Beneficiary Name:Chazkel Teinowitz

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